Brand Pitch: The Essential Factors Every Influencers Should Know

If you are fairly new to becoming an influencer, this article will guide you on the essential factors in writing a good brand pitch.

If you are considering a strategic brand partnership, a good brand pitch will draw you closer to the valuable prospect, who are already managing a reputable brand. I believe this will also assist you in drawing your valued prospect closer to you, building your credibility and portfolio.

Unfortunately, a lot of brand pitches fail, because these pitches had not been thoroughly planned, comprehensively crafted and customized for a specific brand. Just in case you had already spent lots of time on brand pitch but there is no visible results, it is time to revamp your approach.

We had consolidated 7 different essential factors, that you need to take note to improve your probabilities of getting responses and engagements towards your success of partnership with great brands.

Brand Pitch

Every Brand Pitch Requires These 7 Essential Factors

1. Thoughtfully Crafted Catchy Lines

In accordance to email statistics article by, the average employees has 199 unread or unopened emails. This means that a lot of emails you sent out, might not be read.

But then, if you could optimize the title or your catchy line, that captures enough interest to get the person to open your email, then you already won half the battle.

The title or catchy lines you create:

  • Does not feel like it is copy and paste.
  • Be clear and straightforward.
  • Emphasis of benefits to the target brand.
  • Creates a feeling of urgency.

Throughout the whole brand pitch, every written sentence requires to be thoroughly customized and looks like it had been written with care.

For sending out emails, use a professional business email address. It conveys a presence of your brand.

2. Add A Hyperlink to Your Profile

Your email should only consist of one link: Your social media profile.  Because as a brand, you are positioning yourself as a social influencer. Your account needs to be align with your brand pitch.

But then, you also do not want to overwhelm your readers with too many hyperlinks. Keep everything in balance.

3. Demonstrate Credibility in Your Brand Pitch

Due to the many “self-claimed” social media influencers nowadays, you have to demonstrate credibility. If there are no way that others can validate you, then you are seen as not credible. In this way, nobody wants to do business with you.

Reputable brands are always very careful in working with many influencers. This is because there are many “self-claimed influencers” who are able to buy and introduce “fake followers” into their brand, which are also not what they want.

To demonstrate that you are a credible influencer, here is what you need in your pitch:

Conversion Rate: This is the first thing, what most reputable brands look for. Because this shows genuine followers, that leads to genuine results. Most brand managers can calculate forecast return on investment (known as ROI) from your conversion rate. If this rate of yours is high, it is easy to get into a long-term proposition with them.

Engagement Rate: Powerful influencers are the ones with the most engagement, not with the most followers. That is why there is a need to build a loyal, genuine followers that enjoys your content that you had added in your social media portfolio.

Monthly Views: By sharing your average monthly views, you are showing that you have regular followers that are constantly interested of you. Your brand pitch will be even better, if you have a yearly view of increasing viewers.

Growth in Followers: If you can display a consistent growth of followers throughout the year, then you are able to demonstrate the ability reach your audiences through your content. Reputable brands go for stability and consistency in growth. You will raise eyebrows, especially when there is a large follower spike for no apparent reason, or your engagement/followers ratio is not justifiable.

4. Using The 3 Rs of Influence in Brand Pitch

Reputable brands recognize the importance of you understanding the responsibility of collaborating in a partnership. That is why you have to show them that you are the expert, in the business aspect of being an influencer.

These 3 Rs serves as a very good guide, ensuring that you include all the details that your prospective brand is looking for:

Relevance: The contents that you are already sharing must be related to your prospect’s brand. It is definitely impressive to have thousands of fans. But are your fans going to be interested in the brand that you are pitching on?

Reach: Do a realistic forecast on how many followers you are able to reach, based on your current followers versus the type of partnership you are pitching.

Resonance: Understand how your content will resonate with your audience. Think about the degree of engagement that you can expect, to get from your brand pitch?

5. Portfolio of Partnerships that You Had Conducted

Having 2 or more partnerships in the past, which are relevant to your current prospect’s brand is an advantage. It does not only show that you have experience in the related field, it also shows that other brands have entrusted the work that you do.

In case you had not conducted any strategic brand partnership yet, feel free to offer help to your closest friend or neighbour’s business. They can help in showcasing your experience.

What to include in a brand partnership mention:

  • Shoutout of the prospect’s brand or logo, after attaining legal permission.
  • Write a short and impactful description on how your work will benefit them.
  • Share success stories or results that excites your followers.

6. Specify How You Can Work together

You are not going to give a comprehensive explanation on how your strategic brand partnership will have each other benefit. Instead, include a well thought summary on how you would like to work together with them.

An example will be that, if your prospect’s brand conducts an annual Great Singapore Sale campaign on their brand’s health supplements. Then you could show your prospect, through the illustration of high engagement by health-conscious followers, through your health related contents.

7. A Call To Action

No matter if you get to know your prospect through email or someone else, you must still lead the conversation to a meeting, using a call to action. Be specific on your agendas, with the intention of striving mutual benefits in a strategic brand partnership.

Do not bring up any suggestions of compensation or charges within your brand pitch email. But keep your list and pricing on hand, when you finally meet your prospect.

You can make your influencer brand advertising activities easier with us. We are able to guide you on your interaction with other influencers, working with other brands and also measure the achievement of your efforts.

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