Data Migration Plans & What You Should Expect

What is Data Migration?

Data migration in simple terms, is a moving of data from a digital system to another.

You will be wondering if it is as simple as copy and paste? I was assuming it was so, until I went through eight months of intensive server management course.

The reason why some businesses make this choice is mostly because they have got outgrown their current system’s performance.

If this sounds like this is something that you are already considering, it is time to venture into a bigger platform, which its’ system can handle your business needs.

If you are planning on a data migration method, let’s review these steps together:

Identify Your Objectives:

Before you jump into your new system, you have to understand both your current platform and the new one that you are migrating into. The real question is that what is your objective in moving into a new system? If you do not examine the fine prints and specifications of your objective, it can lead to more problems. What you have to do now, is to list down all your objectives, identifying what are the steps that will ensure the success to your  migration.

Recognize your inventory:

Depending on complexity of your business website, it can get complicated, but if you have just a few products and stock, then it can be easier to do data migration.

Recognize your inventory ensures let you better understanding of what you require and what are the requirements you need, before taking the next step on migration.

data migration

Classify Your Data:

Data migration will not suddenly become bad or manifest into full of errors, if you can get an idea if there are blank values, duplicated information or patterns which might leads to error when it happens. Having this clear understanding, allows you to declutter your data before you conduct this crucial process.

Engage A Data Migration Professional:

Data migration execution requires careful attention to a whole lot of details. From schema matching, to data mapping, we will conduct detailed testing to ensure every actions is correctly carried out, in order to perform a successful migration into your new platform.

With the IT staff in Admyspace, you can expect these detailed steps are being handled with care. We will make these difficult steps and measures easy to understand to you, while you can sit back and manage your other urgent tasks in your business.

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