Improve Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the most challenging area to juggle, within the subject of digital marketing.

In this article, let me share with you as short as 3 steps in how you can improve it.

bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate?

In simple terms, bounce rate is a recording of customers who comes to your web site, do no longer engage in any of your contents, and then leaves. The lower the bounce rate is recorded, the better your web site is performing on retaining your web visitors.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you can keep your web visitors on your site long enough to become a potential customer.

3 Factors That Can Improve Your Bounce Rate:

There are many reasons for bounces to occur. But if your bounce rate is high, these are the 3 factors that you can improve, in order to increase your bounce rate.


Modern web visitors now demands a modernized, clean and organized web designs . Therefore, in one of my article: Web Design Is Important To Your Success, I placed a lot of emphasis on a user friendly modern web design.

There is a saying that the first impression is the most important. In the online context, this holds a lot of truth to it. When new web visitor stumbles upon your web site, any obsolete or cluttered web designs are written off by visitors quickly. This is especially true, when approaching the more youthful audiences.

An effective approach to this, is to study and understand your industry’s web theme. You can do some research from your competitors’ websites, but we do not recommend stealing or copying their entire designs.


The next step on managing your bounce rate, are the features of your website. Whether it has easy to navigate menus, to search tools that could make things simpler and offer your visitors to get what they require easily.

The primary feature that we are focusing on, is your web page’s navigation feature. All web visitors want, is an easy to navigate site, with attractive and organized menus. Regardless of what navigation theme you select, please ensure that they are neat and easy to locate. This is so that your visitors can find their way around your web page without frustration.

Some other essential characteristic on your website online is social media integration. This ensures your customer to learn more about your business and make a more educated purchase.

If this is done properly, you will increase the opportunity of both returning web visitors and lowering your bonce rate.


Finally, you have to focus on your web content. To put this simply, if your web design and features are the bait, then your content is the hook. Regardless of how nicely you presented your design and features, lacking of a good content will drastically reduce the attention span of your visitors, thus leaving you a high bounce rate.

Having quality content will not only helps you in improving bounce rate, it also helps you in building trust with your brand. If your goal is to turn them into loyal customers, presenting yourself through your content, as an authoritative figure in your industry is the first step.


We sincerely believe that you want to give the best to your potential customers. In Admyspace,  we are able to assist you more on these 3 essential components. Regardless of your industry, we are capable to conduct an industry analysis in every aspect of your digital marketing needs. Do contact us by registering yourself below, and we will give our best service in assisting you to grow your web site’s overall performance.

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