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Increase page ranking after you had create an eCommerce website, can be very challenging. I believe that it is also very exciting to have a digital presence for your business. But also, you might be thinking how to make it a success at the same time. Upon finishing on creating your website, you must first build your audience.

Search engine optimization is the key solution to bringing in audiences. This is also known as SEO in short. It is a process of tweaking your eCommerce website, in a way that search engines are able to direct organic web visitors and build your brand at the same time.

Although it is very important to do SEO on your front page of your web site, optimizing all other major pages of your site is equally as important. Particularly with pages that has emphasis of a specific product or service, it holds great potential towards increasing page ranking, bringing you more targeted customers. This will only happen, when you list those important pages into the search engine. From there, you can ensure that these web visitors can find you.

Let us look at some techniques, which are proven to achieve an effective utilize SEO page ranking strategy.

page ranking with seo analysis

Protect Your Website With Basic Security

It is perhaps one of the fundamental and most important component in all eCommerce Websites. That is why I enforce all the businesses that work with me, to have at least secured the website with HTTPS. Customers who visits your eCommerce website trust and conduct purchases, only if you are able ensure security to them. If you feel that you value your potential customers, then protect them. Anyway, when you are protecting your site with a HTTPS, Google will also look at you as a more credible and trustworthy website.

By the way, as stated in one of my article, “Hacked Website: How To Solve It”, it is written based on an incident whereby a business owner’s website had been hijacked by hackers and how we had resolved it. Unfortunately, both the impression of his visitors and SEO page ranking are compromised.

Therefore, prevention is always better than cure and we should always take cyber security seriously.

Website Loading Speed Is An Important Consideration

Search engines takes website loading speed as another important consideration towards ranking your site. Visitors do not want to wait too long for your site to load. The longer it takes on your pages to load from search engines like google and yahoo, the more likely your site will miss potential visitors that might buy from you. How can you optimize your webpage loading speed? Use small, compressed pictures. Ensure picture uses jpeg format and make thumbnails small yet visible.

Keyword Selection on Other Pages

Your selection of keywords on your other pages are as important in page ranking as your home page.

There is a technique that can give your other pages a higher chance to reach to specific and targeted customers. By carefully using specific keywords, in a manner that you can attract specific visitors to more likely find your other specific page. In technical terms, if you have a page in your website that showcases leather bags, then you are able to focus “leather bags” onto the SEO title tags, headings, meta tags, descriptions and product descriptions.


Keyword URL Increases Page Ranking

For the default settings of pages and posts, the web links might appear something like this: You may want to improve your SEO ranking by modifying and shortening the URL at the same time. This can be done by inserting the required keywords directly into these URLs. In this way, it allows google and other search engines to better understand what your other page is about and makes the URL clear on what it provides inside.

Meta descriptions Are Not Just For Page Ranking

Search engine optimization is not just focusing on raising your rankings. You will still want to present your descriptions in a way to convince visitors to click and visit your site. That is why you have to focus in meta descriptions. Therefore, you have to ensure you got very attractive descriptions that increases page ranking and makes visitors click.

Quality Contents In Your Other Pages

The word count on your other pages are also taken into consideration.  While it will be an overkill to write over 1,000 words, it is ideal to keep it around 350 words to 500 words long. However, your contents on your other pages must display the related keywords relevant to your contents of your other pages. From there, Google can get a better understanding of what your other page is really about. Writing an in-depth description of your products or services with descriptions that has the related keywords can result in higher search engine rankings.

As I had written an article earlier on “Content Marketing Strategy That Boosts SEO”, you can feel free to read more if you would like to know more details on creating quality contents.

Building backlinks That Influences Page Ranking

Creating backlinks internally are also crucial for building SEO, as it improves your SEO ranking. Linking up your pages with other sites on the other hand, are also very good in increasing your rankings, but it will take a lot of time and effort to do so. One of the most effective way you can do this, is to offer free gifts to your customer, if they give you a review or write up on other websites, while quoting your link to your specific website page.

In Admyspace, we understand what it takes to create an effective SEO that generate results. Our SEO services has been proven successful to many of our clients.

By reaching out to us, we are able to access, evaluate and help page ranking in your website better on search engines.

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