SEO Basics: 7 Simple Step In Driving Organic Traffic to Your Website

Search Engine Optimization, which also known as SEO, plays an important role in digital marketing.

In today’s digital world, there is an increasing amount of online shoppers that uses the search engine optimization to find what they want. Even though building an SEO strategy is tough and time consuming, it is really worthwhile in the long run. Therefore, we encourage you to start thinking about building your plans on it.

SEO essentially requires some upfront analysis, however once you identified what you want and created your SEO concept, you’ll begin indulge in your fruits of results and better SEO rankings. Once you get to the highest ranking (appearing on the first page of Google) you’re in a very position to attain some high-conversion traffic, which will definitely  assist you in building up your sales.

There are variety of key concepts that you have to think about before drafting an SEO strategy. Let us review the steps in drafting a good strategy, which will deliver the results that you desire.


1. Conduct Keyword Research

Every SEO plan must begin at this step. You can’t simply jump the gun and instantly begin manipulating any keywords you select. Intensive research must be done with care.

While you are doing SEO analysis, you will have 2 concerns.

First, if you are executing those keywords that are too tough and too competitive to compete for, that won’t get you to the top page of Google’s search results.

Second, it shows the long-tail keywords you have got a better probability of ranking for as they don’t get plenty of traffic and that they are additional specific to what a user could also be looking for. This will increase the probability of somebody drawing nearer to complete a sale in your web site instead of transfer someone in who is just browsing the net.

Using search volume and competition to review keywords are best for you, you’ll be able to generate a list of keywords that have the potential to rank your SEO.

2. Structure of Your Website

The style and structure of your website must be presented in a clean and organized manner. It has to be straightforward and easy to navigate. A website must be simple to navigate from page to page, with keywords used to produce relevant URLs.

The homepage of your web site must be ready to navigate to any or all pages and even to some top-selling product pages. Proper linking and navigation, opens up higher possibilities of ranking higher on search engine result pages.

seo structure of rocketmotor website

Like this website, placing the structure like links and navigation properly, leads to better SEO ranking.

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3. Page SEO

To also supplement on building up your rankings, your page SEO can really help make significant page ranking, as search engines usually detect relevance through the names of your pages.

You should set up your SEO by breaking it down into these 3 classifications, namely category pages, product pages, and posts. Each one of them can carry totally different content. However the site remains constant. These web content requires consistent yet unique keywords, contained in varied components appearing in both the URL and page title. These keywords also have to go together with quality written meta descriptions, which will significantly boost your SEO results.

4. Technical SEO

Part of your analysis before you start SEO with us, is to complete a comprehensive SEO audit for your web site, before starting the keyword analysis. SEO auditing is important, as it’ll show a lot of insights that you might seem to overlook, it will also show you technical problems within your web site like broken links and 404 errors.

This gives you an idea of the quality of your present web site and therefore highlighting the areas, within which you will need to improve. This makes it simple for you to optimize for your web site, that specialise in off-page SEO rather than the content inside.

Technical SEO also will assist you in the status of your website speed and therefore, we can devise in ways which your web site can be structured, in order to make that happen. Google prefers websites that perform well, therefore increasing your SEO positioning.

Statistically, pages that loads within 5 seconds makes a large difference, as it can keep your audiences’ attention and not letting them wait or even leaving your page for another competitors’ website.

eCommerce SEO search engines

5. Local SEO

This does not apply to every business. But business that serves on specific location or with physical store locations can an advantage, when you use local SEO to optimize your local organic traffic.

For a start, just make sure your Google My Business account is activated and verified. Then install citations and backlinks within your local websites and descriptions, pertaining to any posts on websites and social media. Creating these links on local websites will give you a greater boost in your local rankings.

6. Content Marketing

One of the most effective ways to maintain your positioning in the search ranking, is to produce top quality content on a regular basis. These fresh contents keep your web site updated and search engines prefer to list updated, new, and distinctive content.

For such a method, it is definitely preferable to blog in your business website.

Customers who visit a website prefers a website that demonstrates their expertise and opinions, in relation to the concurrent trends and events. This makes a website seem more trustworthy and relevant to the customers. Many customer prefer this kind of connection, before deciding on any purchase. But for sure, although content marketing is hard work, it is one of the most effective way to attract more customer, as it educates the customer on your business, products and services.

Modern SEOs all rely on this form of marketing. Therefore, content marketing will increase organic traffic, builds a lot of links, and increases your website search ranking. This section is totally necessary and can’t be simply overlooked.

7. Create Links

If content is the first foundation of modern SEO, backlinks are placed at second. Content is like your on-stage presentation, a part of your page SEO. Backlinks are like your backstage operators that extend your ranking performance, by building links that points back to your website, from different trustworthy sources.

There are many ways in which you’ll be able to generate additional links and make opportunities for link building.  Get links from local resource pages, that can place you among all others in your industry.

All of those link building methods will facilitate improve your page SEO, that additionally helps you get a lot of attention from search engines.


When these 7 methods are combined and used appropriately, your SEO efforts will give your business a decent start, effectively working towards success. Although it will not be an easy journey, but if put into proper hands, it will definitely be worthwhile. Do note that SEO is actually a long marathon and not a sprint. Therefore, it will take a while before it can show positive impact in your business.

If you would like to look for a comprehensive eCommerce SEO plan, let us assist your journey to your business success. With our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we will be your guide and show you the way, serving from provide backlinks to creation and curation of new contents that helps each on the every steps of your SEO process.

We have the specialization you need, as we would want to attain success for you.

Contact us and take good actions on your SEO plans.

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