Brand Value In Business Can Be Increased In Five Ways

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What it means to brand value?

In selling, we learn that most people make choices based on emotions, not common sense. Therefore, marketers are constantly working to appeal on customers’ emotions and optimize better customer experience, all with the aim of nurturing brand loyalty and influencing purchase decisions.

However, What It Means to Create Real Brand Value?

Out of all the craziness in grabbing our customers’ attention by their emotions, you might have missed out the possibility of creating genuine experiences.

Genuine experiences with a customer is more than just a transaction. It could be just as simple as a sincere personal message, customized individually to each customer.

As today’s customers have many choices, their attention time span gets shorter. Therefore, we have to work smarter to stand out. That is is why in Admyspace, we focus on striving real and genuine experiences. Connecting personal and emotional experiences with your customers, will increase your customers’ brand loyalty in the long term run.

Creating Genuine Connection Is The Real Brand Value

In order to start creating genuine connection, you have to approach and treat each of your customers as your friends. You empathize, celebrate and pay care and attention to them like how you also expect to be treated by your best friend.

In this way, your brand will feel more “human”.

Imagine, if a brand can communicate more like a person, it draws customer to become more personal to them. In this way, you can worry lesser about your competitors and focus more on being a friend to every of your customers.

Regardless of how big or small your business is, creating genuine connection as a friend is the ultimate key, in creating real brand value.

Statistics on Creating Better Customer Experience

Based on our current technology, genuine connections can only happen between humans. The main key is to engage yourself or a staff (as long as is human) to become personal with customers:

Based on various statistics:

Therefore, I had summarized into five points, in creating genuine moments between your brand and your customers.

  1. Breathe Your Brand

This is by getting your business to abide by the mission and values of your brand. Let your employees know that by following and doing based on the brand value your business has. You will gradually notice the impact it will give to your customers.

One of the best method is to take this step that is to treat your employees like how you treat your customers. Like what Richard Brandson says, “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.”

  1. Leverage Your Team’s Perspective

Consolidate data from different perspectives and experiences from different roles together, pertaining to the encounters of building relationships with your customers.

Begin by collecting these information with the team of people who engages directly with customers, which are customer service, marketing and sales executives. They might be already be capable of providing you an almost complete insights and feedback from customers. In this way, we are also giving everyone in the business an opportunity to share what they like and not like when interacting with brands.

  1. Understanding The Customer’s Journey

This is a very important concept every business must have. It might sound complex, however it is merely just an chainflow process to understand what your customer will go through, then they decide to understand more about your brand’s products and services. In such a journey, you have to ensure that your customer will have a smooth and enjoyable journey, from understanding what you are selling, to their decision on purchasing your products and services. During these processes of displaying brand value, you have to ensure that you do not miss on creating genuine connections with your customers.

  1. Birthdays Are Meant For The Customer, Not The Brand

Birthdays are are commonly used by a lot of businesses, as an opportunity to create offers and promotions for the customer. But think about it again, Birthdays are in fact a very special day for the customer.

If you are a customer, do you remember a brand more by them offering you a promotion, or a brand celebrating your birthday with you?

Therefore in Admyspace, we advise our clients to not typically offer promotions and offers to their customer, but instead celebrate and make the customer special on their birthday.

  1. Reach Out With Deeper Meaning

Throughout the consideration to buying process, make sure your interaction feels meaningful. A small thoughtful action, such as sending a greeting card with a personalized message, is a great and genuine way of interacting with your customers.

Being a sender, you have the opportunity to mention something about yourself while acknowledging something about the customer. This is significantly more effective than the conventional way of sending out promotions and offers during their birthday or even festive season.

As we are also customers, let us treat customers like how you want to be treated. Take your time to strategize or feel free to consult us, on how you can make your brand influence and make customers feel special.

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